Commissions and Customs

  • Commissions - I welcome a conversation about your idea for a non-wearable commission order. Please send me an email with a brief description of what you have in mind. Include details such as how it will be used, dimensions, design, timeline, and budget.

    Stage backdrops are a type of commission I look forward to creating. Dark Star Orchestra commissioned four 5’ x 20’ tapestries in 2023. These pieces of art enhance the concert experience, which brings me great joy. I love live music and am honored to have my art at these shows. The photo below is of the show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

    I accept fine art commissions for residential and commercial spaces. These commissions are designed to enhance the aesthetic of a space and enhance the desired mood. Fine art fiber creations are typically stretched over custom-made wooden frames. They can also have an additional frame around the art.

  • Custom Overalls - A couple of times a year, I will make a batch of custom overalls. You get to pick the size (Dickies Brand), a color combo, and choose from a few patterns. It is helpful to look at photos for ideas. However, like all my creations, each is unique. It is impossible to re-create something exactly.

    All custom overalls must be pre-paid in advance of me purchasing the white overalls from Dickies. Once I have enough orders to do a batch, it takes 5-6 weeks to complete the process.

  • Miscellaneous Custom Orders - No, I do not accept requests for custom orders outside of the overalls and commissions. The main reason for this is quality control. People often ask if they can send me a white article of clothing and tie-dye it. It’s not that easy. I have a set process that allows a degree of predictability, and that is lost if I accept an unknown product. Another reason I do not do custom orders of small items is that it is impossible to match what is in a person’s imagination for a product. I value the creative process of art creation and trust that there is a piece that is just right for an individual, but you might have to find it in my current collection. Keep following me, and know that soon a piece will sing for you.