Unique Designs to Compliment Your Vibe

Combining traditional and alternative dye techniques to create wearable works of art.

Wax Resist Batik

Spring Vending

Vending has been an incredible addition to my business over the years. I feel so lucky that I get to meet amazing new people and reconnect with familiar faces during these events. It's remarkable how much creativity can be found in the works of local artists and musicians, and it is always inspiring to take part in the various arts and crafts shows and music shows. Vending has allowed me to showcase my own unique creations, and it continues to be one of my favorite aspects of owning a business.

Artist Statement

My creations are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Nature’s endless palette of color combinations and orderly patterns spark curiosity and new ideas in me.  Inspiration may come from an exquisite sunset or spectacular lichen growing on a rock if you’re open to the experience. 

I enjoy combining traditional and alternative dye techniques to create one of a kind pieces of art.  I am heavily influenced by classical Shibori and Batik styles which both require precise folding of the fabric and use a resist to create patterns. I also incorporate modern methods for dyeing fabric, increasing its longevity and brightness. 

Experimenting with new concepts is my favorite space to work in. In every series of work, I push myself with fresh ideas.  The mystery of how it will look at the end of the process keeps me captivated while I explore the uniqueness of each piece of art.

City Beautification

My goal is to create beautiful art that can be seen by all, and to help add vibrance and life to barren cityscapes. With this initiative, I am exploring ways to bring public displays of art to urban areas, with the aim of beautifying cities and inspiring others. I believe that through meaningful displays of art, we can promote community spirit, while simultaneously contributing to the city's landscape.

Got 2 baby onesies and a tapestry from this amazingly talented artist! Excellent quality and insane tie dye skills!!

Kodi Estep

Purchased 3 T-shirts and a hoodie for my grandson for Christmas. Top notch! Hoodie is so soft & warm. T-shirts are beautiful colors. Wash & dry and still vibrant. I will replace them as outgrows them. Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

Dotty Hicks

I am absolutely blown away by the color and design of these curtains. Not only are they beautiful but the quality of the fabrics is top notch! Plus wonderful customer service! Will definitely be ordering from Dirt Wolf Dyes again!

Ashton Reid

Commissioned Stage Backdrops for Dark Star Orchestra