Quality Creations

  • Special Care Instructions - I use procion dyes to chemically bond the dye to the fibers using a color fixative.  The tie dye then goes through extensive washing procedures to release any unbonded dye.  I still recommend washing on hot alone the first time then cool with darks thereafter.  To avoid shrinkage I also recommend drying on low to medium heat in the dryer.  


  • Do I Take Custom Orders - I have been known to take on special projects that peak my interest but usually I'm so caught up in the tie dye machine that I am unable to accommodate all customs.   I would love to hear your ideas though so feel free to reach out.


  • Wholesale Orders - If you would like professionally dyed shirts made in America that supports a small business then you've come to the right place.  Keep in mind that it is best to dye shirts before a screen printed image is added.


  • Reverse Dyeing - Reverse or Discharge dyeing is the process of starting with a shirt that is not white, usually black, and using a chemical to remove the color in some areas.  The chemical is then neutralized to stop the effects and then dye can be added back in.  


  • Batik - This is an Indonesian technique of using wax to create a resist in fabric before dyeing.  The wax can be drawn by hand using a tjanting or a stamp.  Sometimes there are several layers of wax and dye applied for complicated patterns.